Terms & Conditions

If no other agreements has been explicitly confirmed, the following brief terms & conditions apply for any consulting, training and/or facilitation assignment designed, developed and/or delivered by BlueBehavior.

  1. Unless stated otherwise, rate per day of design & delivery: €2,800, and development: €2.200
  2. Unless stated otherwise, materials, licenses, travel, accommodation, facilities and VAT are not included.
  3. Offer and reservations valid 10 business days following date in document footer.
  4. Offer becomes order upon receiving PO number w. approved schedule and budget.
  5. Client name and logo may be used online to guide client participants to project materials
    – any other online usage must be approved prior, as per normal reference requests.
  6. PO to be send to finance@bluebehavior.com with copy to project manager.
  7. Any activity cancelled within 10 days prior to agreed date will be invoiced at development rate.
  8. Invoicing follows 50% upon order, 30% upon date of first activity, 20% upon date of last activity;
    – annual licenses are invoiced 100% in the first month and renewed in the tenth month.
    – orders less than 3 days duration or €8.600 are invoiced 100% upon agreement.  
  9. Payment in DKK, Euro or USD, payable upon receipt of invoice + 10 (ten) business days.
  10. BlueBehavior ApS, VAT no. DK35841733, Soekildevej 28, DK-8680 Ry, Denmark – main: +45 64692800
  11. Bank: Vestjysk Bank – Reg. no.:7739 / Account no.:1635347
    – IBAN no.: DK9077390001635347 – SWIFT code: VEHODK22