Tried and Tested Materials

Grow your leadership with bite-sized exercises

Developed and Tested by Your Peers

At the core of all BlueBehavior training are the LeapCards: Bite-sized, social, and measurable leadership development materials. They have been tried, tested, and developed by executive teams and leadership groups in classrooms worldwide for 20+ years.

LeapCards support the kind of leadership training that has proven to be most effective: Hands-on exercises that address concrete individual leadership challenges and can be used in our participants’ everyday lives.

LeapCards fit a busy schedule, with every LeapCard covering an averagely 1 hour of leadership exercises.

Working with LeapCards helps identify and capture your key learnings at the moment, and their non-linear format supports your later recaps with very personalized recollections.

LeapCards are Building Blocks

Each LeapCard consists of text, video, and a brief outline of special interests. It is meant as an inspiration – or a reminder if you are alumni.

When we use LeapCards as part of Leadership Development Dialogues, Peer-driven Learning Cycles, and other custom projects and programs, they offer much more than that.

For an enhanced learning experience, our courseware consists of:

  • Several bite-sized visual summaries
  • Individually evaluated and measurable tests
  • Video dialogue with facilitators
  • The unique Live-With-Team application

The LeapCard introductions alone provide hours of inspiration and insight, and we want them to benefit everyone. So we offer them to everyone for free, online.

Discovery Kit

Get started with the proven tools from fifteen years of international leadership programs

Readwatchask, and share your way through a comprehensive and validated collection of leadership topics (listed in order of appearance):

Drivers • Values • Prioritization • Purpose • Storytelling • Motivation • Listening • Delegation • Conflict • Constraints • Feedback • Body language • Reactions • Trust • Meetings • Remote • Teamwork • Culture • Stakeholders • Change • Differentiation • Scenarios • Decisions • Balance

The Leadership Dialogue Kit is the new, hybrid way of successful individual development journeys

Leadership Discovery Kit

Leadership Postcards

The LeapCards are available in print, which is the format they have had for many years – before being available in digital versions. Both formats have their benefits.

Each postcard summarizes an essential leadership concept in a few key illustrations and inspirational text. Think of it as a conclusion slide with crucial takeaways. The original inspiration and direct sources are always on the card when needed. The back of the postcards is open for your notes on a pen-friendly paper surface. 

The complete BlueBehavior library consists of 42 core postcards that apply to most leadership development projects. We offer 60+ other postcards custom-made to the particular programs and business needs of our partners and clients. 

Each postcard summarizes roughly one hour of training, including the associated cases and exercises. For program designs, a half-day workshop typically employs 2-3 cards.

The cards come in a convenient plastic box – along with a matching 36-page notebook for notes from 4-6 days of intense training.

Online Ordering and Branding

All LeapCards are available online for everyone.

For selected clients and partners, it is possible to brand the cards for internal use – and order directly from our print-on-demand partner. 

Please set up a meeting with us to hear more.

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