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Bringing leadership facilitators to NGOs

BlueBehavior Foundation

The BlueBehavior Foundation

Along with fellow facilitators, BlueBehavior is working actively to bring leadership experiences to remote and less fortunate parts of the planet, with help from the BB Foundation.

All of the digital products offered by BlueBehavior are freely available to NGOs who work with the BlueBehavior Foundation. The BB Foundation covers the travel costs of all on-site facilitators who volunteer.

The BlueBehavior Foundation was created in 2018 by Catherine De Chassart and Ulrik Ramsing.

Hager Group allocated an entire and substantial bonus payment as initial funding for the foundation, as part of a large project delivered by BlueBehavior and De Baak, Holland.

The BB Foundation is actively working with participants from major, recognized NGOs.

Jakarta team

Support to NGO's

We deliver high-impact leadership training by allowing three interdependent parties to join in support of the NGO


Provides a goal worth pursuing and 12-16 local participants from their own or partnering organization. The NGO is also responsible for a suitable facility for 3-4 days of high-impact leadership training. We don't need four-star conference centers, just a place to work.


Provide their time, materials, and experience for free and with no strings attached.


Coordinates the event and covers all travel costs for the facilitators – allowing the facilitators to meet the NGO anywhere there is a need and a place to train.

BlueBehavior Foundation strives to offer two weeks of free training per year per volunteer. With a little luck and a whole lot of helpful donations – some via pay-it-forward-options – it is made possible.

Participating Organizations

These – and other fine organizations – are sending participants to events offered by the BlueBehavior Foundation:

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Practical Information

If you have a specific question that we do not answer below, please send an e-mail.

The BB Foundation invites fellow facilitators worldwide to contribute with their time and expertise. Presently, we are Ulrik Ramsing and Catherine Dumon de Chassart.

We have extensive experience as leadership trainers and coaches, and we have worked together for almost 10 years.

As facilitators, we mainly design and deliver leadership development programs for international clients such as Alstom, van Oord, FM Logistic, Yokogawa, etc.

We thoroughly enjoy working with diverse groups of people in the international arena. It is a privilege to meet and collaborate with so many excellent leaders from all continents.

Preferably, the program will be co-designed with the local network of NGOs.
It may include some of the following components:

  • Personal leadership
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Communication techniques and styles
  • Situational adaptability
  • Dealing with different cultures
  • Meaningful conversations
  • Preventing and managing conflicts
  • Dealing with change
  • Scenario modeling

LeapCards for Jakarta Programme

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e respectfully ask the local NGO partner in charge of coordinating the event to provide:
  • A group of 12-16 carefully selected highly talented team managers, with some 3-12 years of managerial experience and seen as the organization’s potential next leaders. The participants must have English language proficiency and fluency that allows for in-depth exchanges (B-2 as a minimum).
  • The group must consist of 6-8 local NGO organizations with a maximum of 2 participants per NGO. Ideally, the participants continue as a robust learning network after the event.
  • A learning space that will allow for interactive sessions and outdoor walks/energizers.
  • Printing of hard copies of  learning materials for the participants.
  • A place to stay for the facilitators.


The BlueBehavior Foundation is under construction. We are still investigating the correct and optimal setup and location to establish it’s official presence. 

BlueBehavior manages all contributions on isolated accounts under the supervision of RevisionRy, a certified public accounting firm and member of FSR in Denmark. 

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