BlueBehavior Foundation

The BlueBehavior Foundation's sole purpose is to fund volunteer facilitator's travel costs as they meet NGOs in need of leadership development anywhere the world. 

The foundation is actively working with participants from major, recognized NGOs and the first full program was offered in Jakarta, November 2019. The 2020 summer event is currently being planned for Tanzania, Africa.

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The BlueBehavior Foundation is created by Catherine De Chassart and Ulrik Ramsing

In essence, the foundation allows three interdependent parties to join in the support of the NGO:

  • Cause - the NGO brings a good reason, 12-16 local participants from their own and partnering organizations to a facility usable for 3-4 days of high-impact leadership training.
  • Content - the volunteer facilitators brings their materials, their time and their experience -- all for free and with no strings attached!
  • Coordination - the BlueBehavior Foundation coordinates the event AND pays for all facilitator's travel costs, allowing the facilitators to meet the NGOs anywhere there is a need and a place to train.  

It is the intent to offer two weeks of free training per year per volunteer. With a little luck and a whole lot of helpfull donations - some via "pay-it-forward" options added to the participating facilitator's normal invoicing - it will all be possible.

Initial funding has come from the allocation of an entire and substantial bonus payment from Hager Group towards a global project managed by Ulrik and Catherine for De Baak in Holland.

Participating Organizations

At present, these and other fine organizations are sending participants to events offered by the BlueBehavior Foundation:

Practical Information

Please expand the section relevant to you - and, of course, send an e-mail if you have a specific question not covered here.

Who are the guest Trainers?

We are Ulrik Ramsing and Catherine Dumon de Chassart, and we have an extensive experience as Leadership trainers and coaches and we have worked together for some 8 years by now, mainly designing and delivering leadership development programs for international clients such as Alstom, van Oord, FM Logistic, Yokogawa, etc. 

We thoroughly enjoy working with diverse groups of people on the international arena and have had the privilege to meet with many excellent leaders-to-be in many different countries, from South Africa to Sweden and from the USA to China!

We have collected culture-proof, rock solid approaches of Leadership, inspired by many Masters and experts as well as colleagues and, above all, participants of the numerous programs that we have facilitated so far.

Click on the names for additioinal details on LinkedIn.

What could an event program contain?

Preferably, the program will be co-designed with the local network of NGOs.
It may include some of the following components:

  • Personal leadership: what am I good at? what can I do better? What is my WHY? How do I envision my contribution to the organisation in the future? How do I prioritize and balance time/life?
  • Feedback: benefits of giving, seeking, receiving feedback + tools/approaches about how
  • Communication techniques and styles: what do I do well/need to develop?
  • Situational adaptability: how to support and empower my team members?
  • Dealing with different cultures: what is culture? what is important to know? to do/not do?
  • Meaningful conversations: how can I coach my peers? my reports?
  • Preventing and managing conflicts: what do I do naturally and what can I do in various situations?
  • Dealing with change: how to succeed and influence behaviors in times of change?
  • Scenario modeling: how do I select the best options for the team, the organisation?

We would want to discuss what has perhaps already been done and what needs to be focused on prior to finalize the design of the program. And we would want to receive a short profile of the participants before the start.

In overview and with reference to the employed LeapCards, a program's Learning Map may look like this:

Leapcards for Jakarta - Program.png - click for larger version in new window

What is asked of the coordinating NGO?

This is what we respectfully ask of our local NGO partner in charge of coordinating the event. 

  • A group of 12-16 carefully selected highly talented team managers, with some 3 - 12 years of managerial experience and seen as the potential next leaders of their organisation(s) and with a level of fluency in English that allows in-depths exchanges (B-2 as a minimum). 
  • The group must be comprised of 6-8 local NGO organizations with a mximum of 2 participants per NGO; ideally the participants continue as a robust learning network after the event. 
  • Full list of participants including contact e-mails no less than 5 weeks prior to the planned date in order to send out pre-reads and confirm travels/flights paid by the foundation. 
  • A learning space that will allow for interactive sessions and outdoor walks/energizers
    - preferably with a newer projector and 4 paper flip-overs in the space. 
  • Printing of hard copies of some of the learning materials to be provided to the participants.
    - mostly A4 articles as we will bring 20-25 unique LeapCards for all participants.
  • A place to stay for the 2 facilitators and all meals. 
    - 2 bedrooms with a table to work and a good internet connection. 

In precious events the cost of training room, facilitator accomodation and meals for the entire group has been covered by "passing the hat", allowing each NGO to contribute at their own comfort level.

The class and participation must always remain free of charge.

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The LeapCards and boxes will be covered by the Foundation.


The fine group - and now BBF network - in Jakarta

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The BlueBehavior Foundation is presently under construction, investigating the correct and optimal setup and location to establish its official presence. Presently Holland is in the lead with an expected creation date in June of 2020.

At present all contributions are managed by BlueBehavior on isolated accounts under the supervision of RevisionRy, a certified public accounting firm and member of FSR in Denmark.