Build Resilient Teams

By tackling concrete challenges together

Peer-driven Learning in Teams

Our peer-driven leadership training is for two types of teams:

  • Executive teams working toward higher productivity and better collaboration
  • Mixed teams of peers from the same organization training for shared challenges and learning from each other

The training for teams of peers is all about learning from each other and working from the same leadership concepts. The cycles build on the group’s intakes and the challenges they reveal – i.e., working cross-culturally or delegation.

Our LeapCards ensure fast deployment based on a particular group: the concepts and exercises already exist. We can easily combine them to suit the unique groups of peers training together in cycles.

We recommend teams of 3-6 persons, and preferably several teams from the same organization.

When working with executive teams, we strengthen their unity and cooperation over a series of events. Again, the process builds on the vast LeapCard library concepts – whether the group meets online or onsite.

We aim to help the executive group find shared approaches and solutions. Approaches can not be taught or dictated but have to emerge from the executives’ experiences and collaboration, making the team and the organization more resilient.

The benefits of both types of Peer-driven Learning Cycles are numerous. Work together to:

  • Build mutual trust in a team
  • Solve current problems and be prepared for future obstacles
  • Strengthen the cohesiveness of an executive group
  • Create a shared organizational language and toolbox for leadership.

Learning by Doing Together

High-performance teams are not pre-fabricated. They grow from meaningful connections and interdependent team members who trust each other.

We facilitate robust teams by addressing what they do and need in the moment – to prepare them for future challenges. Notably, the training builds on intakes from the mixed group of experienced leaders or the executive team and is never arbitrary. 

We do not leave you hanging with a rule book. We train you in cooperating and leading authentically – with all of the different disciplines and interpersonal tools needed.

Our Proven Toolbox for All

At the core of team performance are the shared concepts from the Leapcards: A flexible, digital library of leadership knowledge and exercises that you can combine in any way you need.

Referencing and learning with the LeapCards ensures cross-organizational consistency in your leaderships by using the same proven concepts for all levels and seniorities of experienced leaders – but from different angles.

The LeapCards work as both training material and inspiration. A reminder of your previous aha!-moments or a quick idea for addressing a current challenge is never more than two clicks away, literally.

What People are Saying

Perle Laouenan-Catchpole

Head of Communications, PharmAccess Foundation:

“BlueBehavior goes beyond in delivering an awe-inspiring program that fundamentally shifts the way you work and lead teams going forward.”

Scott Fox

Head of MidOffice, IMC Training:

“I found the course very informative. The topics were relevant to me and the settings and structure were both excellent. The facilitator was also very engaging and made the experience fun and interactive. I would highly recommend the course to others.”

Ritta Tiala

Senior Regional Enterprise Support Manager,

” I now have an amazing toolbox that I can use when managing/leading people. I loved the box of cards and I will be using it daily. This training was more than I expected. The facilitator was amazing and so was our group. Thank you.”

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