Flexible Deployment in Large Organi­zations​

With consistent and instantly accessible materials

Flexible Program Design

We help your organization become independent of external circumstances like the weather and travel restrictions. We can quickly change even very large events from onsite to online if guidelines require it. 

An example:

A planned onsite three-day module may be shifted to a sequence of three online sessions with extensive in-between buddy activities.

We can do this because of both flexible program design and flexible training materials. The LeapCards are not only available digitally but also as high-quality printed postcards.

The LeapCards allow for an unprecedented quick and meaningful refresher because leaders can always find the relevant LeapCards both in their box set and online, two clicks away.

As a part of our ongoing development projects worldwide, we continuously update the online library with new insights and exercises to benefit all leaders and alumni.

Projects to Programs

Does your organization need tried and tested leadership development for a specific group or project?

Or a custom-made program to create a stable, shared leadership culture for scores of leaders?

We ensure fast deployment with standardized and flexible material: The unique LeapCards.

Our projects and programs may be:

  • Digital, onsite, or both
  • Single events or repeated cycles
  • White label or co-branding
  • With measurable impact – always

We always design our programs around specific challenges, starting with a pilot project and building from what proves to work.

In global programs, we often start with scenarios of 2-3 modules, each with a core theme covering 3-4 days. Between modules, we always leverage online sessions and extensive buddy-work, often focused on innovative business projects.



Change how You Do Leadership

We ensure leadership development by training your leaders in doing things differently and leveraging the feedback from those who matter with our unique Live With Team application. 

Leaders can only complete projects and programs by exercising with their teams. We provide relevant measurements because we measure the effort and impact of every leader in every exercise. Our LeapCards are designed for use every day, not in class.

Each course and program contains videos and interactions to the LeapCards, creating a rich learning experience that includes Live With Team-exercises.

To grow and learn, your leaders must:

  • Care for the team
  • Understand the learning need
  • Be ready to do something about it.

What People are Saying

Terri-Ann dela Cruz

Software test engineer, Ultimaker:

“It has been a real eye-opener for me. I feel like all this time I was blinded with ignorance and unawareness.

Halfway through the training, I felt empowered by the tools that I can use to bring myself and others towards the goal.

There will always be problems with work and leadership, and they will not be easy, but there are always ways to get over them.”

Bjarne Jakobsen

Managing Director, Dansk Revision A/S:

“I got to know Ulrik Ramsing as an exciting and very competent teacher who manages to deliver both the theoretical management points and also succeeds in making them present and relevant.

It is especially in discussions about specific daily management challenges that Ulrik Ramsing appears very strong and inspiring.”

Dave Halker

VP Sales, Marketing, and Application Engineering, FKI Logistex:

“There are leaders, creators, gurus, geniuses, dynamos, heavy-lifter’s, thought provokers, and just plain doers. If one could wrap all these attributes up into one package, you would have Ulrik Ramsing.

Leading-edge, not bleeding edge, E-Learning, as created & developed by the Blue Behavior team, is still one of the most highly regarded innovations ever conceived for the Material Handling Industry.

BlueBehavior’s sense and insight in finding the root issues and concerns of customers are truly unique.”

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