Actionable, Focused Leadership Development

20+ years of proven impact

Meet a Current Challenge

We make sure that you see improvement by working with a trusted facilitator. What you need to do is to be courageous enough to try out new things with your team.

Leadership Development Dialogues are a series of solution-oriented dialogues combined with hands-on training with your team. We work together towards a clearly defined leadership goal.

Leadership Development Dialogues are for, i.e.:

  • Preparing for the next career level
  • Assuming a greater level of responsibility in the organization
  • Leading the consequences of a merger

We help you utilize the leadership tools that you already know in new and challenging ways. Your training will be supported by specific leadership concepts that fit your goals and current situation. 

Benefits From our Dialogues

By training and participating in dialogue with us, you will reach the short-term goal that you initially set for your leadership, while setting yourself up for long-term success.

Together, we translate your goals and needs into concrete actions that make a change in your everyday leadership.

Benefits from the Leadership Development Dialogues are:

  • Overcome personal challenges
  • Grow with structured 1-on-1 coaching
  • Reach your goals with targeted development
  • Strengthen specific skills for an upcoming event.

Just-in-Time Leadership Inspiration

LeapCards are bite-sized leadership development summaries that fit a busy schedule and help you in the moment. 

You may choose to dive into a LeapCard of your choice whenever you need instant inspiration and applicable tools. The LeapCards are always available online – even if resources are limited and Leadership Development Dialogues are not an option to you.

To grow end learn together, please pass the LeapCards along as free inspiration to others.

Courses for Specific Career Steps

You may want to dive into further details on the exercises and theories offered by a LeapCard, by joining a course. 

Each course adds videos and interactions to the LeapCards, creating a rich learning experience that includes our unique Live-With-Team application.

Live With Teams lets you complete exercises with your team. Because to grow; you need to practice your leadership with and for the ones who matter the most. 

The LeapCard courses are available in eight separate courses matching three career stages:

  • Leading self
  • Leading others
  • Leading business.

We recommend that you start your learning journey with a buddy.

Prepare for Relevant Accreditation

BlueBehavior measures your effort continuously by registering your team exercises and individual exercises. We measure what you actually do, unlike most other leadership development programs out there.

We can also help you translate your efforts into credits that support your career goals.

What People are Saying

Bas Haaring

Engineering Manager, Jacobs:

“Very intensive and personal training adjusted to the needs of the participant. A great set of tools learned in a short period that can be used immediately in my day-to-day work.

Great trainer.”

Maria Daleke Schermerhorn

Global Program Manager, uniQure:

“Very intense program with a good balance between theory, video examples, and group exercises.

There were definitely a few aha-moments, and I have identified a few areas where I will work on in a targeted way. Both professionally and in my private life.”

Chief Investment Officer

NN Investment Partners TFI, Poland:

” The program enabled me to recognize orchestrated music instead of sounds of noise.

We did not try to dive into theoretical concepts and ‘grand studies,’ rather focused on our own small and big challenges and problems.”

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