Foundation and Materials

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So happy to announce that the BlueBehavior Foundation is now coming to fruition with the first project just a few weeks away. 

Everything seems to fall into place, the online offering and the real-world materials, all there now to make sure we can deliver anywhere in the world at best possible price point for NGOs: Free!

Tested the material delivery, it works:

OFC - ordering online Oct 2019.png

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OFC - the Online Fitness Center

OFC Main Screen - 190807.png

Besides the fantastic projects out in the world, the remaining time of 2018 and increasingly 2019 have been on the Online Fitness Center.

As eluded and now linked on the front page, I've been challenged repeatedly to offer a digital clone of the training and facilitation offered internationally. A massive effort from partners, clients and friends have now come to fruition as the center is about to open. The final building blocks was confirmed just this week and I'm now certain it will be...

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Updated Leadership Reading List - 42 Suggestions

BB - URA Readlinglist on Amazon 1901.jpg

Just finished another program in South Africa - excellent inspiration from an inspiring, interdependent and very capable group. In closing, I shared my recommended reading list at Amazon.

Have a look - of course the books can be ordered anywhere; Amazon is simply convenient for global delivery and various formats.

Personally I prefer eBook + Audiobook where "Whispersync" keeps all progress updated across devices and services from Amazon to Audible and back again. Oh, and yes, I listen on...

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