Going Live in Simplero

Testing done. More good than bad and still with the potential of pleasant surprises to the many questions. Simplero replaces a construct of WordPress, LearnDash and WooCommerce. The downsizing and simplification in to Simplero will make changes easier and hopefully updates more frequently.

In essence there are 3+ reasons why:

  1. Hopefully fast one-stop-shop for the potential and ideas of BlueBehavior
  2. Need project/community space for leader groups around the world
  3. Wish to add e-Learning offering to existing facilitation – such as the postcards
  4. Faster and more interconnected replacement for WordPress/Learndash/WooCommerce
  5. Wish to monetize existing products – like the LTI Game™ 
  6. Recommendations from other users (and hopefully supporters)
  7. Opportunity to add social media layers
  8. Opportunity to strengthen and support Simplero



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