Materials, Proven and Worth Sharing

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As promised on the BlueBehavior home page for quite some time, 2019 will be the year to give it back and make the proven best practices available beyond the initial group of generous clients and strategic partners.

The essential building blocks - Leadership Postcards and the TeamBuilder™ board game have now been briefly described on a page about Materials. Click and have a look. 

Would you be interested in using these materials?

As a leader, to start essential collaboration debates using a loaded game?

As a facilitator, to maximize consistency, ease delivery and increase your "shelf life"?

Or as an Academy to make certain your own network of trainers don't re-invent the wheel?

The cards and game have not yet hit the online shop as shipping products, and the conversion in to matching digital delivery is still under development as part of strategic client projects. We are, however, well under way and the next bunch of postcards and notebooks have just been ordered from the print shop. 

So, please click here and send me an e-mail, if you're invested in co-creating the best way of making these materials work for you.



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