Updated Leadership Reading List - 42 Suggestions

BB - URA Readlinglist on Amazon 1901.jpg

Just finished another program in South Africa - excellent inspiration from an inspiring, interdependent and very capable group. In closing, I shared my recommended reading list at Amazon.

Have a look - of course the books can be ordered anywhere; Amazon is simply convenient for global delivery and various formats.

Personally I prefer eBook + Audiobook where "Whispersync" keeps all progress updated across devices and services from Amazon to Audible and back again. Oh, and yes, I listen on iPhone and read on Kindle!

The list of recommended reading is intended to span "all" topics addressed across various international programs such as ALP, EVP, JVDF, PMC and TRAIL. The many HBR Top 10 collections serve both as good introductions AND as topic dividers of the entire list.




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