Website updates: Facilitation Booklet

BB Facilibook Transp - IMG_9169.png

Had some quiet time in the winter holidays to add an important stack of information to the BlueBehavior website: The facilitation book.  

While I would have liked a nice swirling PDF-display, I opted instead to drop the 58 pages as images files on a single Simplero page. This way I hope it is easier to look across and perhaps print as an inspiration to the thousands of engaging ways modern facilitation and leadership training may be designed, developed and delivered.

Have a look - and please send me any and all questions you may have as to any of the captured activities found there. 

Likewise, if you see yourself and I have not yet asked and been granted your permission, please use this link immediately for me to rectify and either get your approval OR remove the image from this site. 



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