Year-end 2018 - looking back at the first five years

BlueBehavior - 2018 Thank You.jpg

2018 has been a fantastic year with tons of wonderful challenges around the world. From the card: Sincere appreciation of all the fine moments with truly inspiring professionals from all around the world. I am honored and immensely privileged to play a small part in such courageous leadership journeys.


And, yes, I missed the card for 2017 so here is the one-card summary story looking back to closure of 2016, 2015 and 2014...

2016 - the robust LTI Game ... BlueBehavior - 2016 Thanks and 2017 Invitation.jpg

2015 - work/home life balance ... BlueBehavior - 2015 Thanks and 2016 Intivation.jpg 

2014 - the first world tours ... BB Year End 2014.jpg


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