About BlueBehavior

Small - and rich in partnerships

Changing Leaderships Everywhere

We’re a Danish leadership development company founded in 2014 by Ulrik Ramsing. Over the years, we’ve designed, developed, and deployed leadership development that match large corporations’ global needs. 

BlueBehavior helps individual leaders and leadership teams make robust decisions, especially under adverse circumstances, i.e., time pressure, great uncertainty, or cultural differences.

We are running projects and programs worldwide. Engaging leaders individually, in small teams, and extensive programs – some of which have been running for almost a decade.

The World is our Playground

BlueBehavior has a vast network of partners. Talented scholars, facilitators, and leaders worldwide continue to exchange practices and learn from each other – keeping the LeapCards alive and continuously refined.

If you strive for excellence in leadership, consider a partnership with us and join our extensive network covering all continents.

We have strength in numbers – and experience.

BlueBehavior Partners

BlueBehavior has the honor and privilege to work with internationally tested experts within their fields. From organizational psychologists to behavioral safety and hardcore business.

If you’d like faster, more effective, and documented program deployments, consider partnering with us.

Our Customers

Traditionally, BlueBehavior has meant a lot to a selected few. We believe in long-lasting relations, delivering value in every single encounter.

As evidence, our five biggest clients count a total of 110.000 employees across 70 countries, with a combined annual turnover of more than 22 billion Euros. Our smallest client is a branch office in Indonesia with only 15 FTEs. 

We do try to make the world a better place, one leader at a time – where ever they are. 

We can help you, too.


The History of BlueBehavior

The first steps toward the current leadership facilitation programs were taken in 2006 when Ulrik Ramsing ran the consulting company LogiLearn in Maryland, United States. LogiLearn’s customers included, among others, Levi’s, Disney, Target and Amazon. 

Upon returning to Denmark, Ulrik Ramsing’s new company, XiQ, delivered online and onsite learning to corporations such as Nestlé, Janssen, and Maersk.

In 2012, Ulrik Ramsing summarized many years of curated, best practice leadership concepts in the book Unplugged

The book kicked off years of highly successful leadership programs, composed from – and developing – the LeapCards that are now the building blocks of all our leadership training.

The name BlueBehavior is a combination of:

  • Behavior: as in the actions that make leaders worth following
  • Blue: as in calm and considerate, and in our blue ocean future. Many of our programs run in the offshore industry and require extensive safety training.
The BlueBehavior Team

The Team

Our team stands on the shoulders of people who have co-created with us over the years. Many still do.

A big thank you goes out to:

Henrik Ricardy Christensen, Jan Hjortshøj, Rune Mai, Katrien Braeckmans, Mikhael Sander Fogh, Simon Boel, Mogens Greve, Stig Møller Carlsen, Niels Birger Ramsing, Lars Bonde, Per Skærbæk Nielsen, Carsten Obels, Merete Stenner, Morten Spindler, Tobias Viskum Damgaard, Søren Nørbjerg, Morten Ditmer, Lotte Birkmose, Tomas Lund, Mikala Larsen, Ulrik Bjerre-Christensen, Julian Kirkness, Frank Gaillard, Carsten Jensen, Lisbeth Holberg, Catherine Dumont de Chassart, Belinda Lange, Bart van Hell, Marlieke Ketelars, Luc Limére, Lars Kierulff Munk, Morten Thorsø Pedersen, Janneke Altorf, Mads Lund, Mathilda Froberg, Henrik Thuesen, Jannie Ilum Gade, Trish Thurley, Stephen Carver, Martin Strunge, Tobias Ramsing, Frida Ramsing, Jacob Duch Lindegaard, Åse Saar, Marisja Verweij, Elisabeth Flüger, Anna Wawrzyniak and Valerie Itkin.

And coffee, lots of coffee.

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