Bowtie Dialogue Kit

Don’t let distance add to the risk

Getting people in the same room is critical for getting them on the same page. Especially as it comes to identifying risk, where one observation may trigger the next, leading to shared discoveries of otherwise unseen dangers. 

In our travel-challenged time of Corona restrictions, we need new ways of co-creating together online. Luckily advanced collaboration and “unlimited whiteboard” tools like Miro and Klaxoon allow us to turn even complex board game engagements into rich online experiences.  

Bowtie Dialogue Kit, everywhere!

Yesterday we – BlueBehavior and Holberg Incident Management – tested the online version of our BDK – Bowtie Dialogue Kit. While we miss the conventional room’s inter-personal presence, we appreciate being safe and without the hazards of traveling. And we appreciate the fact that the remote BDK simply works – the dialogue is real, and the aha!-moments are solid

With the BDK being remote and instantly available, deployment is easier than ever before – have a look at, join the webinar, or book a free demo.

As noted in the fall kick-off blog by CGE Risk, the leading provider in barrier based risk management solutions, BDK partners are welcome! If you need this kit to serve your industry, book a meeting and we’ll find a way to make all this work for you.



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