There is a card for that…

As a remarkable 2019 runs out, I’ve come to accept and leverage that postcards are my vehicle of choice. Postcards are brief, effective and handy for anchoring facilitation and international leadership development. I’ve also used postcards to summarize past years, and today is no different:

This year the postcards again played a key role in the extensive travels and inspiring encounters – especially Alstom’s groundbreaking engagement in South Africa, the Power Ladies of TRAIL and the non-profit efforts in Jakarta with BlueBehavior Foundation.

To allow for scale and wider deployments, the cards, games and other learning materials have been made available in a print-on-demand webshop, ready for any colleague or academy partner needing branded versions.

The cards are also a cornerstone in the Online Fitness Center for Leaders, which has been put to good use in B2B projects, especially the real-world exercises which are completed with a learning buddy. The OFC was, however, also given generous feedback in a London MBA pitch, highlighting concern for both name and metaphor. In consequence, the site and its content have been renamed LeapCards™, which will be used in the upcoming B2C release.

The final application of cards is the latest version of TeamBuilder, which has shrunk in size and complexity. It is now ready for localized dilemmas and available for instant play, right out of the well-known postcard-sized plastic box: 


With all this, I am truly grateful for the generous help and inspiration I have received throughout 2019. I am looking much forward to giving it all — and more — back in 2020. Please let me know what would work for you?

Best wishes for the coming year and, again: Thank you for 201



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