BlueBehavior Foundation

Inaugural Flight

Another Sunday and another airport take-off. Not just the usual 50-minute jump to Amsterdam but further along through KL to Jakarta. Long journey for just 3+1 days of facilitation there. 

However, it makes total sense – arriving there to meet Amnesty, Oxfam, Plan, and others for the first event in the BlueBehavior Foundation.  

Catherine and I have been working on this for many months – and even though we’re not entirely settled and the foundation itself needs quite a lot of legal paperwork, we decided to proceed. 

The principle is simple, bringing three pieces together:

  • volunteer NGO – this time the NLR – No Leprosy Remains Indonesia – arranges the destination with a good mix of local organizations to create a sustainable and interdependent network. Together they choose to pitch in and fund the facility and stay for participants and facilitators alike.
  • We – the facilitators – donate our experience, program design, materials, travel time, and, of course, the actual training and subsequent coaching. 
  • The BlueBehavior foundation handles the last and often limiting component: The travel cost. At present, the foundation is made up of funds initiated by Catherine and myself, originally generated from favorable projects and generous clients such as the Hager Group

Feel free to continue reading here: – any and all continued help will be greatly appreciated. As inspiration, an earlier post from our activities towards defining the foundation and its mode of operation: People to people, out there where training is a scarce resource.




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