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Work-Home Life Balance

We define the world by how we talk about it. Adding labels often have a profound meaning that colors approaches and behaviors in ourselves and those around us. 

I don’t have step sisters. I have bonus sisters. Because I do; no reason for anyone to think otherwise. 

I don’t have to do this or that. I get to do it – with all the inherent opportunities to influence the outcome.  

We need a new and better way of talking about the balance between hours spent on different things. Present day’s immense possibilities wash away boundaries and allow us to be challenged, have fun and be interrupted all day and by all in our networks. 

In low-to-mediate pressure, I will allow for such interruptions, in fact I consider them rich and often welcome opportunities for new perspectives. I will capture them for later appreciation and return to my original task as quickly as possible. 

In high-to-extreme pressure, I will respectfully isolate myself for focus and reject any and all interruptions – whether they come from work or from the private sphere.

To maintain balance – and that is important – I keep a simple daily score of how the day went, rating just 4-5 things according to how meaningful they have been to me.

And I speak about my conclusions to this ongoing list of calibrated life not on terms of home or work, but in terms of where I am happy – for luckily that happens to me everywhere. 



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