Making the World
a Better Place

One Leader at a Time!

How do you develop the skills and the mindset that makes others choose to follow you? By doing leadership and learning with – and for – your team.

We help experienced leaders grow to their full potential with bite-sized, measurable, and social leadership training on all continents. 

Building leaderships are like making ripples on the surface of a pond: When we help one leader realize her/his full potential, we strengthen the team and the entire organization by creating strong leadership role models that others choose to follow – and thrive in collaboration with. This is what we mean by making the world a better place – one leader at a time.

The core of our training is action, collaboration, and measurability. We continuously refine our vast catalog of leadership training in classrooms and online training worldwide. 

Our Leadership Development Dialogue is a sequence of conversations with personal guidance – focusing on a catalytic event or a specific leadership challenge.

In the Peer-driven Learning Cycles, you focus on the specific needs of a small leadership team. We help experiences leaders find solutions and learn from each other vicariously.

We design full-scale corporate leadership programs that are easily deployable – built on the flexible bite-sized LeapCards. Available for onsite or online training – or both.


A Game-changing Training Concept

LeapCards are bite-sized development summaries that fit a busy schedule. When training with theLeapCards, leaders focus on doing leadership and leveraging feedback from the teams – with the unique Live With Team application. 

The social and just-in-time applicable exercises and insights in the LeapCards comprise a vast training library that is excellent for:

  • Individuals who need to address a current challenge or work towards career goals.
  • Teams of experienced leaders who want to strengthen a robust and shared culture and toolset.
  • HR-functions that need mixed media projects and programs to deploy quickly – online and onsite.
  • Corporate academies that want leadership programs to support clear succession pipelines. 

We Are Smarter Together

How do you grow as a leader? With your team, and with help from other skilled and ambitious leaders. When designing leadership training, we use the learning processes that have worked in our classroom training for years.

You will experience a strong commitment and vicarious, social learning from sharing questions, stories, and aha!-moments within a group of peers when you train with BlueBehavior. Both online and on-site.

Supporting Clear Succession Pipelines

No matter the start date for your current leadership role, our training is for you. We support clear pipelines by using the same library of LeapCards in various ways for all experienced career levels.

We offer tools and training that create a shared understanding and leadership practice in large organizations and small teams. Leaders learn exactly what is expected of them – and not expected of them – as they change positions within the organization.

We make changes in organizations by having both leaders and team members experiencing leadership – instead of talking about leadership.

What People Are Saying

Franck Galliard
Global Learning Director, Alstom:

“I’ve been impressed by BlueBehavior. Their commitment to leading and training by example knows no equal.

Ulrik Ramsing, the founder, is extremely charismatic, and I had many of his trainees come to me, especially to praise Ulrik’s teaching and the impact he’s had on them. He always brought with him his great energy and enthusiasm. His commitment to growth and his trainees’ well-being makes him an outstanding facilitator.

BlueBehavior has my highest recommendation for the development of the leaders we need to have for facing the new challenges of our organizations.”

Eric Hoekema
Investment Manager, ENECO Energie:

“Amazingly broad and complete leadership program. The majority of the concepts can be applied almost immediately in the workplace.

BlueBehavior makes it clear how to engage with your team members and colleagues in different situations/conversations.

The tech/new way of working is a nice addition that probably not many courses offer.”

Auguste Amahire,
Talent & Development Management, Nestlé Professional:

“We’ve been working with BlueBehavior on our annual program “Growing Nestlé Professional.” This nine-month business acceleration program was designed to inspire and help our business managers successfully drive step-changes with their key business initiative.

The purpose of BlueBehavior’s mandate was to strengthen our participants in their team-based efforts towards stronger network relations and successful delivery of their individual key business initiative.

During our collaboration on the program, BlueBehavior has consistently provided a top-quality service – ranging from group facilitation (online and in-person)to project leadership coaching and ongoing support on the program’s design.”

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