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Dear new guest, current participant or old friend; thanks for stopping by.
The past five years have been inspiring, fun and entirely meaningful.


It's time to give it all back; 
the digital version is in the works! 

Until then, find inspiration in the Facilitation book or continue below...

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What Would Help?

A few of the materials from international projects that are also available to you right now:

Engagement Workshops

Experience how to develop and support almost any group towards greater trust, interdependence and productivity

Leadership Postcards

Essential concepts are captured and augmented on high-impact postcards, ready to be used as visual module summaries.

TeamBuilder Game

Learn about each other as you work through various leadership decisions ... with as few setbacks as possible!

And Who Are You?

BlueBehavior strengthens executive teams and supports organisations through key roles; are you a... 

Business Leader

... wishing to expand influence by being visionary and worthy of followers?


... wishing for a new and meaningful way of interactive facilitation in a scalable format?

Project Manager

... wishing to deliver in an increasingly complex and multi-cultural world?

HR Professional

... wishing to create international learning journeys using new media and engaging methods?

Why BlueBehavior?

A few unusual aspects of working with BlueBehavior.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", said Einstein. Ideas must be self-evident and memorable. Good research and best-practice experiments are needed; heavy books and long articles are not necessar(il)y for everyone.
Less is more.

As for history? Have a look at five year's year-end greetings



BlueBehavior focuses on the intersection of content, application and relation to create sustained development. 

Content ~ scalable tools and concepts required by core problem.
Application ~ anchoring of real challenges to sustain learning.
Relation ~ building effective teams through creative facilitation.
Development ~ as documented by measurable change!

As for documentation? Try these 58 pages and thousands of stories from the BlueBehavior facilitation inspiration book!

LTI Game™

Deep learning must be fun and engaging. Please see the present materials or the original dedicated game site for more details on BlueBehaviors recognized and highly customizable board game for project managers and safety professionals. 

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Blue Who?

Behavior. Behavior as the actions that make leaders worth following! And blue as in calm and considerate, out there big blue offshore and in the blue ocean future. In combination, BlueBehavior is a Danish consulting company, founded in 2013 by Ulrik Ramsing, who is still central to all projects, programs and products delivered world-wide through a tested network of interdependent consultants in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, India, Brazil and the US. 

A few words of recommendation, repeated from signed reviews on paper and LinkedIn:

  • “We have been working with Ulrik for a few years now. He has a strong personality, and works very dedicated with any task. He has been part of our team during our Safety Improvement campaign/Change Management process educating or Package and Project Managers.”

    HSEQ Manager at A2SEA

  • “We’ve now been working with Ulrik for almost three years on our annual program “Growing Nestlé Professional”. This nine-month business acceleration program is designed to inspire and help our business managers to successfully drive step-changes with their key business initiative. ”

    Talent & Development Management at Nestlé

  • “We hired Ulrik to facilitate a regional Strategic Seminar with our Nordic Senior Management Teams. His approach, his knowledge, his involvement and presentation skills made this Seminar a huge success, with great innovation perspective for the whole group. ”

    Regional HR-Director at ALD Automotive

  • “Very intense program with a good balance between theory, video examples and group exercises. There were definitely a few aha-momonts and I have identified a few areas where I will work on in a targeted way. Both professionally and in my private life.”

    Global Program Manager, uniQure

  • “Ulrik is very enthusiastic, dedicated and hard-working and I very much recommend his courses. Especially the ‘shortcut-slides’ represent great value when you need to brush up your theoretical knowledge. It has been great working with Ulrik Ramsing, and I can highly recommend his magnificent teaching skills.”

    CEO, Gloria Mundi Care

  • “Fantastic use of technology, insights how to use technology effectively in new ways of working.”

    Head of Mechanical & CAD Engineering Department, Stamicarbon

  • “Amazingly broad and complete leadership program. The majority of the concepts can be applied almost imidiately in the workplace. Ulrik Ramsing makes it clear how to engage with your team members and colleagues in different situations/conversations. The tech/new way of working is a nice addition, that probably not many courses offer. ”

    Investment Manager, ENECO Energie

How to Co-Create?

BlueBehavior leverages out-of-the-box solutions to expedite program design, content co-creation, international deployment and evaluation. Expect digitally enhanced workflow and deliveries through creative integration of platforms and toolboxes such as these:


Additional information and sample materials, please do not hesitate to contact special projects manager Rikke Nørgaard.


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